What is home watch?

A Home Watch service performs scheduled inspections of your property while you are temporarily away.

What we do

Inspection vs. Speculation

Video surveillance and an alarm system are always a good idea. They just aren’t always good enough!

There can be many threats to your home besides intrusion: monsoon storm damage, pest infestation, and leaks, to name a few. And can your alarm system take your trash receptacle out to the curb and bring it in?

Our regular inspections and reports are designed to inform you of anything curious, concerning, or suspicious…or reassure you that everything is as it should be.

Our site visit inspections are customized for you: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and are based upon your needs, whether you request exterior, interior or full-check visits.

Exterior Check

Interior Check

Concierge Service

Exterior Check

We walk the perimeter for a thorough exterior inspection of your property, looking for evidence of vandalism or forced entry, damage, or potential damage sources, investigating further as necessary.

Interior Check

Two levels of interior checks ensure your needs are met while your property is unoccupied. Our attention to detail and level of personalized care will alert us—and you—to anything that is amiss.

Concierge Service

This one-time visit is customized to your needs. Perhaps you need a post-storm assessment or your garbage cans removed? We can also activate your alarm or check on your home for another reason.

How We Work. Our Mission & Values

My definition of integrity is doing what’s right when no one is looking. I’ll be your eyes and ears.

I want to make sure you feel you have boots on the ground with the experience and integrity to do the right thing, ensuring you are informed and feel confident that your property is looked after.

Ruth S.

My experience in having Tim watch my home was that it was uneventful and trouble-free. There is nothing more I could ask for than to have peace of mind knowing my property is looked after when I travel.

Dave M.

Monsoon season in Arizona is no joke. Even though I didn’t have any issues, Tim took pictures and sent them to let me know all was well.


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