HOA’s have very little tolerance. Stay off their radar with regular home checks. Weeds, trash cans, newspapers, flyers, appearances, and overall upkeep are kept in check with South Mountain Home Watch.

Neighbors are not always reliable. Often, they are not as thorough, may have scheduling hiccups, or may go out of town themselves. Do you even know your neighbor that well? What about their teenage nephew who is actually inspecting your home? You may never have met them.

With the new 202 expansion, you may need more thorough and frequent checks than you needed before.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is home watch and why do I need it?
South Mountain Home Watch is peace of mind while you are away. Things sometime go wrong in an unattended home…or even when you are home, just away for extended hours or even in transition. You may have unwanted guests (intruders or pests), water leaks from broken pipes, hot water heater mishaps, or a pool or sprinkler malfunction. Issues of this nature can be costly through water leakage and damage or from power outages.
How does an Exterior Home Check help?
Problems inside the home are often evident from the outside, especially if caused by an intruder as they trespass. We may notice a broken window, a door ajar, or something askew.

Exterior Home Checks are a budget-conscious way to look out for your property. We are your private eye for peace of mind.

I already have an alarm system. Why do I need you?
An alarm can alert you of break-in or fire danger. Those with video surveillance can even show you what is happening within their lines of vision within or outside the home. Alarms will not activate if there is an electrical malfunction, or a water leak, and they will not notify you if your newspapers are piling up by your front door—a clear invitation to a thief. Neither will your video, even recorded, show you what is happening out of their sight lines.
What if you find something and we need work done at the property?
We have a complete list of partners we know personally and trust. There are very few emergencies that we can’t address with the assistance of our trusted network to help prevent additional, and costly, damage.
Will you take care of my pets or water my plants while I’m away?
Because we are highly specialized in what we look for and how we inspect your property, we do not take on the added responsibility of caring for your furry friends or vegetation. We can offer trusted partner referrals for these services, however.

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My definition of integrity is doing what’s right when no one is looking. I’ll be your eyes and ears.

I want to make sure you feel you have boots on the ground with the experience and integrity to do the right thing, ensuring your are informed and feel confident that your property is looked after.


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