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Four Service Levels

South Mountain Home Watch offers four levels of home watch services to meet your home visit, inspection, and reporting needs. We can vary the frequency based upon your needs and offer each level of service in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visit options.

See South Mountain HOME WATCH’s 4 Service Levels below and what those Service Levels include.

South Mountain HOME WATCH is here to work for you so you can travel and relax, knowing South Mountain HOME WATCH is in good hands…even during the Monsoon season.

Exterior Check

Our Exterior service includes an exterior check of the following and report via Email:

• Doors/Windows
• Trash Receptacles
• Garage Door
• Breaker Panel, if external
• External Faucets
• Pests
• Water Main On/Off
• Mail, Newspapers, Flyers, Etc.

Exterior Checks starting from $25

Let's Talk About Exterior Checks.

Interior Check

Our Interior Check service includes the Exterior Check above and the following:

• Home Temperature
• Faucets
• Toilets
• Disposal
• Water Leaks
• Mildew/Mold
• Insects/Scorpions
• Smoke Detectors
• Water Main On/Off
• Doors/Windows Secure
• Storm Damage
• Alarm Check
• Garage Check
• Odors
• Intrusion or Squatter
• Breaker Panel
• Mail, Newspapers, Flyers, Etc.

Interior Checks from $35

Let's Talk About Checking on the interior of my home.

interior plus

Our Interior Plus level service includes both an exterior and interior check of all things included in our Interior Check Service as well as checking your:

• Air Filters
• Appliance Tests—Washer, Dishwasher, Refrigerator/Freezer/Icemaker
• AC/Heat/Thermostat Check
• Smoke Detectors
• Water Heater On/Off

Interior Plus Checks begin at $45

I want peace of mind while I’m away. Let’s talk about complete and regular home watch services.

Your Peace of Mind is Worth a Piece of our Time.


This one-time visit is customized to your needs. Perhaps you need a post-storm assessment. We can also remove garbage cans, activate your alarm or check on your home for another reason.

Contact us for a concierge service quote.

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I want to make sure you feel you have boots on the ground with the experience and integrity to do the right thing, ensuring your are informed and feel confident that your property is looked after.


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